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Bookmark This! A Girl & A Bald Traveller’s Compilation of The Best Exotic Travel Itineraries

"Itineraries, tough to plan, restrictive, but sometimes, you just need one."

Many people I know say they wouldn't mind experiencing an exotic destination once in their lives. But it's hard to get started they say, simply because they just don't know where to begin.

We have a pretty easy going style of travel and usually just shortlist key stuff we want to see or do while making up the rest of it as it comes. But for the most part, especially when traveling to an exotic destination for the first time, it feels nice to have a detailed plan you can fall back on.

In this post is a compilation of our "previous itinerary posts" segregated by country (many readers have feedbacked that it's hard to find old posts of ours because we don't tag keywords).

Now, you don't have to copy our itinerary wholesale, but after visiting 87 countries (as of March 2019), we know what we're talking about and every post here should serve as a decent skeleton for you to plan your trips around.

If you need bespoke trip planning services (many people do), ranging from itinerary planning to even guided tours, or maybe just advice beyond what this blog (or any blog) has to offer from a Singaporean couple who have actually been to these places, "The Girl" & I do provide such bespoke travel services at a cost so feel free to drop us an email at

If you don't, that's fine :) All the information available on this blog is free!


Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique

First Time To Africa? Here's A Complete Two Week Itinerary From S$3,500


Visiting The Devil's Pool? I Suggest You Read This First

Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar

Planning to go on an African Safari?... Wait!... Don't Book Without Reading This First...(Part I)

Planning to go on an African Safari?... Wait!... Don't Book Without Reading This First...(Part II)

What! You Mean The World's Most Amazing "Beach Destination" Is Found In Africa?


18 Days Africa & Europe Under 2.2k SGD Nett! (Including Airtickets)

The Democratic Republic of Congo

A Vacation In The DR Congo!?! Like Seriously???


Can't Decide Between Greece & Morocco? This Exotic Travel Destination Combines Them Both!

Cape Verde

No not Cape Town. I'm recommending Cape Verde, the "Jewel of West Africa"

Swaziland, Lesotho

11 Days Luxury Travel In Africa @2k SGD Nett! (Including Airtickets)

The Middle East


My Wife & I Did A 7 Day Road Trip In Oman. It Was Incredible, & Cost Just S$1.5k SGD! (Airfare Inclusive!)

Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Cyprus

Alone In The Middle East. Nope, Not To Join ISIS, But For A Vacation.


Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka)

How To Plan A 6 Day 5 Night Tokyo Vacation Under $1,000 SGD (Airfare Included)

A Girl's Solo Trip. 10 Days in Kyoto, Osaka & Tokyo @$1.2k Nett! (Including AirTickets)


Shangri-la, Dali, Li Jiang & Kunming. Plan a "COMFORTABLE" Holiday To China Under $31 a Day!


Bangladesh For A Vacation? You Must Be Crazy!

Now "THIS" Is What An Amazing Cruise Experience Should Be Like!


So you've visited most of South-East Asia? Well, I bet you forgot about LAOS.

India (Goa, Mumbai, Calcutta)

Calcutta, Goa & Mumbai. Is India the Vacation from Hell; or Paradise on Earth?

Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh

Forget Bangkok, Bali or Batam. On your next Long Weekend, visit these 5 Destinations instead!!!



Singaporeans Travel To Vanuatu, The Fiery Island Paradise of the South Pacific


Ukraine (Chernobyl)

My Trip To The Most Radioactive Place On Earth; Chernobyl

San Marino

A Country Within A Country? 36hrs In San Marino, The 5th Smallest Country In The World.


Andorra. The Cheapest Country To Shop For Luxury Brands In Europe?

Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia; A 10 Day European Vacation Under $1.8k SGD! (Including Airfare!)

Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

12 Days Finland & The Baltics @2.5k SGD Nett! (Including Airtickets)

Lithuania (The Hill of Crosses)

The Hill Of Crosses - Eerie Or Holy? You Be The Judge

Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, The Czech Republic, Poland

Impossible! Just 800 SGD? For 19 Days in Europe?


What? You Enjoy "Touristy Travel Destinations" But Skipped Portugal? You're Missing Out!

Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia

27 Days In Europe "COMFORTABLY" Under 2.8k SGD or 1.8k Euros! (Including Airtickets)


Going for a vacation in Britain? Well, don't forget to stop by Wales.

Ireland & Northern Ireland

A vacation to consider? 7 days in Ireland & Northern Ireland UNDER S$1,000!

Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg

10 Tips, To Travel 10 days, In The Netherlands, Belgium, & Luxembourg; From $1000 SGD!


It's Time To Visit Belarus. 5 Days Visa Free Travel In Europe's Last Dictatorship.

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