About Us

We're a Singaporean couple who's dream is to travel the world hopefully without quitting our jobs. Oh, and we travel affordably of course!!

"If you own the latest iphone or a 400 dollar Gucci wallet, dont tell me you can't afford to travel.
You're a joke."
The Bald Guy

Zanzibar, Tanzania


He's the Bald Guy, a regular guy who's dream is to travel to Every Single Country in the world. Oh, but there's one small problem; He's a Singaporean.


In such a kiasu, competitive and elitist country like Singapore, traveling the world seems impossible (unless you have a rich dad). "Quit your job? Who's gonna hire you when your back? Where to find the money? Traveling is expensive!"


He works in the Finance Sector as a Banker, gets pressed for numbers daily from 9am - 9pm, and is probably in one of the most fragile and stressful careers in the country. (he gets close to 30 days of leave a year to make up for it though)


To date, he has traveled to over 90 countries (decent by Singaporean standards) and has never quit his job to do so. Traveling is his dream, but having a career is important too.


Tbilisi, Georgia


She's known as "The Girl" (used to look like a little girl; but that was years ago). She enjoys her branded bags and luxury hotels as much as the next girl, but accepts that backpacking is fun and is definitely a cost effective way of seeing a country.


She works in a back end job, has less days of leave than he does, but comes along whenever she can. She has shown that an average Singaporean girl working in a typical office job can too see the world. And, she pays for her own traveling expenses too. (who says traveling needs to be expensive?)

Lisbon, Portugal

Besides Traveling??


Traveling aside, "The Girl" & "The Bald Guy have their individual priorities and hobbies.

She would like to settle down and start a family but He wants to visit at least a 100 countries first. They've since arrived at a compromised figure of 88 countries. In her free time, she's happy to spend her day relaxing at home, switching between watching Netflix on TV and doing online shopping on her phone. Oh, and cafe hopping with friends, or the occasional date night away from the home of course.

Their "not so popular" rides..

He enjoys driving weird (unpopular) automobiles and collecting luxury timepieces and as much as he enjoys "collecting countries". Till date, he's switched between SAAB's, MG's, a Tigra, a Crossroad, and for the past few years; a Chrysler (basically anything that isn't a typical Singaporeans first choice).

When he's not having fun with his "man toys", he is usually in front of his laptop googling which country to visit next or thinking of what to write for his next travel article.


The Bald Guy's watch hobby

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