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Here's Why Singaporeans Can't Afford A Vacation Every 3 Months

(Disclaimer: This post is obviously not refering to those who have to work a few jobs just to provide for their family or those who have to kids/elderly to care for; but rather, at those fortunate enough to be reading this through the latest Smartphone or own a wallet that cost more than the cash they have in it, and YET complain they need a holiday but they cant afford to.)

Lake Bled, Slovenia

I travel often. Every three months if I can find the time.

No. I don't travel for business. Purely for leisure.

Am I rich? Nope, I don't think so (Neither are my family). I'm a salaried employee working 9-5, waiting for the completion of my BTO like the rest of Singaporean's my age.

Hill of Crosses, Siaullai; Lithuania

I can afford to travel anywhere I wish; Money is not an issue. And the good news is, So Can You.

By You,

I mean You, the guy driving a Toyota.

You, the girl with Kate Spade bag (let alone a Chanel).

& You, the couple who can afford to go cafe hoping every weekend.

Rila Monastery , Bulgaria

Instead of telling you how to do it, (like how other blogs do) let me show you why you can't.

Here's Why......

1) Always Hunting for Sales/Discounts/Bargains.

"Wah, i'm going to Barcelona! Time to buy that Loewe/ Zara (fill in the blanks), its so much cheaper than Singapore. At least 40% cheaper!"

While everyone loves a bargain, here's a newsflash. "A 40% Discount is 60% Spent."

Kemi SnowCastle, Finland

2) The Herd Mentality

Typical Singaporean 1: Lets go to Paris/ Rome/ New York for holiday, So & So just came back from there, looks very nice

Elitist Singaporean 2: How about we go to Istanbul/ Budapest/ Egypt, nowadays people go to more exotic places liao.

(Note: Istanbul/ Budapest/ Egypt are exotic only to Singaporeans, the rest of the world has been there)

Most (not all) Singaporean's are like sheep, bleating their way around with no mind of their own. Places their friends have been, are places they want to go. And usually, these places tend to be "Tourist Traps". That's why your holidays cost so much.

Atlas Mountains, Morocco

3) Showing off on Facebook culture

"Effel Tower!" Quick, lets take a picture and post on Facebook.

Now, i'm not advocating going to Paris and not seeing the Effel Tower; You Should.

It's just that the culture of taking a post and getting as many FB likes as possible sends people holidaying in the most expensive parts of the world when you could really get a similar experience some place else.

(There's no point taking a selfie beside a landmark your ignorant friends don't know right?)

Camp Nou, Barcelona (Tourist Trap)

Same for eating in "Recommended" cafes and posting food photos on Facebook. I have travelled like a Rich Man & like a Poor Man; and the truth is, where the locals eat usually give the most authentic and delicious experience.

(If you can't find a better tasting Chicken Rice for 3 SGD than that rip off in Mandarin Orchard's Chatterbox, you aren't a true blue Singaporean!)

Dubrovnik, Croatia

4) Having a Demanding Mindset

"I must have my own toilet!" "

"Huh, why the room smells like this?"

"I don't want to share room with other people"

Here's a fact of life. Only the rich are entitled to have more of a choice. Ordinary people like you and me? We have to adapt. Are you holidaying in Europe to experience the different countries? Or are you there to have room service and a nicely scented toilet?

I'm not saying we shouldn't have standards and sleep in the dumps; we should. But if your "standards" cost you a 100 SGD a night when you could have gotten a decent nights sleep for 15 SGD, then there is a problem. And that problem is YOU.

Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

5) Prisoners in our "Comfort Zone"

Do you always pay more and reject the idea of any accomodation other than a hotel?

Should you and your friends keep waiting on each other just because it feels weird to go on a trip alone and the result is you end up paying for an unfavourable airfare?

The problem with Singaporeans, is that we keep looking for excuses to simply stay where we are. We have been brought up to conform and be sheep.

One less night in a hotel would have gotten you a 3 day 2 night "Desert Tour" in Morocco. Imagine what 10 "hotel-less" nights could add to your trip.

Singaporean's actually think its the norm to spend 5 to 8k SGD on a European holiday! And that's because they live in self denial; lying to their themselves and their friends that they have money. Your colleague splurging 8,000 SGD on a holiday means you should as well? Singaporeans comfort themselves with excuses like "On holiday must spend and enjoy ma, if not it'won't feel like holiday."

See? I enjoy luxury just as much as the rest of you sheep.

I draw a five digit salary every month and yet I happily stay in a hostel dorm so I can free up cash for other activities. Crawl out of your comfort zone. "The Girl" didn't grow up loving hostels. She just came to terms that she couldn't afford hotels. Your style of travelling should be in relation to your income. Earn 4,000 SGD a month and you think you deserve to stay in a hotel? Taking a cab when you could have taken the bus? Seriously?

(All you deserve is a pile of credit card debt)

House of Blackheads, Riga; Latvia

Hopefully this post can help Singaporeans understand the shortcommings of their "closed up" mindset. They need to realize that rather than bitching about their lives and how lucky other people are to seemingly "be on holiday" most of the time, "they" too can also do it.

Quit the five negative mindsets mentioned above and you'll definately at least double the number of holidays you currently take.

I know it can be done; because I'm doing it.

Side Note: Because we've been recieving lots of messages asking if an average Singaporean really can afford that many holidays, here a few of our older posts, just incase you've missed them out. Cheers.

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