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Review: Wow! A Swedish Designed Gaston Luga Backpack With A 15% Discount Code??

Now, "The Girl" & I usually reject probably 80% of endorsements that come our way either because they aren't "Travel Related", or a simply just not worth our time (Writing a blogpost takes some effort you know?)

But THIS, we thought deserved a review. Plus, I guess we were looking to add some "style" into our "practical" kind of travel; and this Swedish designed backpack, Gaston Luga was the answer.

To most of us travelers (not Singaporeans on package tours), our backpacks are more than just a storage space to lug around; rather our backpacks are our companions, and in this case, they don't come more stylish than Gaston Luga's offerings.

Gaston Luga is a Swedish backpack retailer from Stockholm, Sweden. They offer elegant minimalist backpacks perfect for all occasions (not just backpacking). There are 3 different designs in a wide variety of colors for both men and women to choose from; Classic, Praper and Classy.

Check out the designs on their website HERE! Free shipping globally with 20% off as tax rebate to non EU countries!

So we let Gaston Luga know what we wanted, and just three days later (really fast, I kid you not), they arrived by DHL straight to our doorstep.

Christmas has come early for "The Girl".

Here they are! Our choices; "The Girl's" favorite was the Praper design in pink for and I (The Bald Guy) chose a Classic design in Navy.

These backpacks from Gaston Luga are very "travel friendly".

If you look closely, there are metal feet at the bottom of the back to keep it standing when you put it down and reduces the likely-hood of getting the base of your beautiful backpack dirty.

Regardless of the design you choose, Gaston Luga backpacks come strong claps and hooks keep your valuables safe. Oh, and while I didn't think to take photos of the compartments, there are ample compartments specially for keeping passports & boarding passes, your hand-phone or wallet.

Driving to neighboring Malaysia on a road trip? Gaston Luga backpacks are your perfect companion.

With expendable metal hooks, you decide how much "bigger or smaller" (realistically) you'd like your backpack to be.

The Praper backpack (above) retails at SGD 309.

It certainly isn't cheap. But if Singaporeans are as truly as well off as you'd like people to "think" you are, what's $309 for a Swedish designed backpack?

The Classic backpack in Navy (above) retails at SGD 299.

For readers of agirlandabaldtraveller, get15% off your order on Gaston Luga website by keying in our discount code "girlandbald15".

In addition to the 15% discount, you will also enjoy free shipping with DHL Express and 20% off tax rebate (non-EU countries only).

Here's how the discount code works:

Oh, and yes. Thanks Gaston Luga for the wonderfully made backpacks!

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