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So Cheap?! Taiwan + Japan Multi-City Airfare From 369 SGD?! (Including Taxes)

Alright. I'll break my rules for the 2nd time and blog about "sheepy" travel destinations again. (The 1st time was because it was "The Girl's" first solo trip to Japan)

For the benefit of those of you reading A Girl And A Bald Traveller for the first time, sheep refers to Singaporeans; those driven by the herd mentality to visit the most common tourist destinations all their friends go to, with no mind of their own whatsoever.

So there. Sounds like you?

Taiwan and Japan; yeah, right up your street. Please, you don't have to carry on reading if you're offended and don't agree you're a sheep.

Now, i'm not a magician by profession, so making an air-ticket to Tokyo miraculously become cheaper isn't exactly my thing. What I can do (which most Singaporeans struggle with) is think out of the box.

Question: Which is the closest country to Taiwan?

A) China, B) The Philipines, C) Japan

Just in case you thought the answer was A) China, it's actually C) Japan.

Not Tokyo City of course, but Japan's southernmost prefecture; Okinawa

Okinawa consists of a few dozen islands; stretching as far as Taiwan (see map below)

Disappointed it's not Tokyo? Well, happy saving up for your "dream trip" to Japan then.

For the more open minded readers, (probably still sheep though) Okinawa might actually be a great addition to your trip. Taipei is already a city, (albeit with natural scenery unlike our man made replicas) do you really need another Tokyo?

Here's what you can expect in Okinawa.

Japanese Style Streets



Beautiful Beaches


Nature/ Hiking


Okinawan Cuisine (Basically Japanese Food)


How To Get Tickets From 369 SGD?!

Since A Girl & A Bald Traveller is a Singaporean travel blog and most of our readers are Singaporean, let's use Singapore's Birthday month for illustrative purposes

Let's say you decided to fly on August the 1st and return on August 31st, (don't tell me no one flies on Monday and for one full month to Taiwan/Japan. Fly whichever dates you want, I can't possibly come up with a set of "realistic dates" for you. Do some home work yourself!)

TigerAir will you get you to Taipei and back FROM 205 SGD. (118+87.65)

(Oh, and it doesn't include luggage costs as well. It's not my problem if you decide to have a feast on a budget airline at ridiculous prices or choose to lug 10kg worth of luggage everywhere you go. It's purely an illustration you sheep. Think!)

Singapore To Taipei, (From118 SGD)

Taipei To Singapore (From 87.65)

From Taipei, PEACH AIR (Japanese Airline) offers RETURN air-tickets To Okinawa From 164 SGD!

(SIN - Taipei) + (Taipei - OKA) + (OKA - Taipei) + (Taipei - SIN) = 118 + 164 + 87.65 = 369.65 SGD!

Again, I must emphasize, don't be a typical sheep and say you're not flying in August or say other months aren't as cheap. It's FROM 369 SGD.

EVEN if you were to do a last minute booking and fly off the week after, say 1st April, (it's19th March as I type this) spend around 2 weeks (realistic enough?) before returning home, it would cost you a grand total of $418 SGD! ($315 + $103 = $418)

SIN - TPE Return, 1/4/16 - 15/4/16 ($315)

TPE - OKA Return, 11/4/16 - 15/4/16 ($103)

This post is meant to give readers a travel tip; or ideas that Singaporeans are lacking for a more interesting holiday experience to spice up TYPICAL travel destinations. It DOESN'T have to be Taiwan OR Japan. It can be Taiwan AND Japan for a very affordable price.

Your holiday, you decide.

PS: For those of you who have decided you might not want to continue being sheep, check out;

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