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Experience Amsterdam With HOSTELDEALS!

We are delighted to introduce Ardjette Boixaderas from Hosteldeals; the FIRST ever "Guest Blogger" to post on our blog.

As we've never been to Amsterdam, (if you're a regular reader of ours you'll know our blog focuses on "Exotic Travel") it's great to have a blog post up on a travel destination more acceptable (probably?) to close minded Singaporeans whose idea of a European holiday usually revolves around Paris & Rome.

Let's checkout what there is to do in Amsterdam below!

How much does it cost to travel in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful and overwhelming vacation spots in the whole world. It’s located in Noord-Holland (North Holland) and is known as the “artistic heritage” of Holland. Along with this, Amsterdam is the country's largest city, according to area, population and the number of visitors it attracts.

Most residents are bi-lingual and speak Dutch and English. However, some even speak German. If you speak Basic English, you’ll have absolutely no problems communicating. Holland also uses the Euro (€), along with most of the European Union.

Accommodation travel card

Amsterdam is a moderately priced holiday spot. A weeklong trip costs around $300 which is rational and reasonable. Transport is cheap; a 72 hour city pass costs around 17 Euros. The GVB (several) day tickets allows you unlimited travel through Amsterdam - day and night - bus, tram and subway.

If you use it enough, you might benefit a lot from it, however, not using it too much might put you in loss. Apartments and hostels are quite expensive; but sites such as have amazing discounts and deals that make the stay comparatively better and easily affordable.

A few days in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is perhaps the city with the most attractions. Where to start? The Van Gogh museum is the biggest and the best art museum in the whole world. The Museum is dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh and his paintings only. The Anne Frank House is a historical monument; Heineken Brewery is a former brewery that conducts tours finally ending with a tasting room. 360 Amsterdam conduct Free Walking Tours where they only collect tips, it’s your choice whether to tip them or not. The Red Light District tour and a canal boat tour are also very popular amongst vacationers.

The surprising thing about these is that all these cost less than 55 Euros in total (only with your personal Hosteldeals Travelpass).

The major perk of living in Amsterdam is perhaps the free wifi in the entire city. All you have to do is download an app (wiffinity) and you’re ready to go. There are some typical souvenirs to buy for your friends and family from Amsterdam, just random things along with some chocolate seems good but there is also one special shop is Amsterdam; The Condomerie. The Condomerie is exceptional because of the specific assortment of condoms.

Shopping and buying electronics is as easy as any other state or country. The prices are approximately all same. The quality of their products is also great.

Your Bucket List

Amsterdam is a must place to go for travelers. Its price is comparatively reasonable to other vacation spots. Amsterdam keeps a highly suitable climate all year round. Its nightlife is exceptionally awesome; half the city wakes up to party. Amsterdam is also amongst the top 15 safest cities of the entire world!

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