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"Get discount codes with ShopBack!"

I never fail to be amused whenever I see long queues forming up at moneychangers with "the Best" rates.

(Disclaimer: The above photos are not reflective of money changers at all times. It was taken by the MSM when Singaporeans queued for Ringgit. They are just a randomly googled photos to illustrate money changers in SG)

For some reason, Singaporeans are happy to queue for as long as 20 minutes to save an insignificant amount of money (around $4/ per $1000 exchanged) but yet easily shell out $200 for a night of sleep at a hotel or $40 lunches whenever they are overseas. Puzzling, I must say.

I have a piece of good news for readers though.

Last week, I chanced upon a site that "might help" Kiasu Singaporeans get back more than that pathetic amount they save by queuing for "the best" rates. Who knows, it might save time too. So read on.

The Name Of The Site Is Called ShopBack

As we run a travel blog, here are some "travel related" examples of how you can save by using Shopback.

I don't know about you, but "The Girl & I" buy our airtickets through Expedia or Skyscanner pretty often. I think the picture above says it all. If you're definately going to buying a ticket through expedia, I think it would be nice to get "Up to 8% Cashback" on it. (Flights 1%, Packages $25, Hotels 8%)

Or perhaps you'd rather queue up for 20 minutes at "the best" moneychanger to save a few dollars. Your call.

2. Save On Hotel Bookings If You Book Through.......


If you've been following our blog, you'll know "The Girl & I" don't bother booking our accommodation in advance because we prefer flexibility. But for Singaporeans, who prefer "Predictability", you'll save more by booking through ShopBack.

To be honest, I think Christmas Shopping is just an excuse Singaporeans give themselves so they can justify yet another "retail therapy session" at the expense of their savings account. (or their partner's)

If your one of the many Singaporeans planning to max out your credit card this Christmas, you might as well get a better deal while you're at it. Simply sign up for exclusive access to ShopBack's latest crazy Christmas Sales!

So there you have it. Regardless of whether you're on the lookout for the latest airfare/travel promotions or shopping discounts, I assume saving money is your priority. If you enjoy using credit cards with a "cash rebate" feature, you're going to love using ShopBack to get your CashBack.

For a more detailed explanation on how ShopBack works.

If you'd like to find out more about the latest promotions & discounts available with ShopBack, check out their list of Videos available on Youtube.

Or simply, Like ShopBack's Facebook Page.

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