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8 Exotic Travel Destinations For Singaporeans Under $1000 All In!!

Would you happen to know at least one person who says how he or she really wants a tattoo, but because of some bullshit reason, their skin is still as clean as a baby's bottom?

Well, I know of a nationality of people who always say "yeah, i'd like to go to "this place & that place someday" but because of "fill in the bullshit reason", they end up going to where they (or their friends) have always gone. Ever have a friend that goes to that same city (not country) over and over again?

Now, what was that group of people again? Oh yeah, I remember. Singaporeans.

So now, I've got great news for you people. You can cancel that "I cant afford it reason" off that list of excuses you constantly tell yourself. Today, the "Bald Guy" will share with you "8 Exotic Travel Destinations" you can travel to under 1K SGD!

Yes! Way lower than travelling to Japan, Korea or Australia! Probably at the price point of Hongkong and Taiwan!

1. Russia

Picture from Russia.Trek.Org

Not Moscow of course; but Vladivostok, the "San-Francisco" of the East. Before you say, "wah go there do what?" Vladivostok is known for its beautiful harbour, impressive bridges, and you can can soak up the feel of being surrounded by century old buildings; the original communist, USSR feeling.

Catch a flight to Harbin with China Eastern from 450 to 550 SGD. From Harbin, hop on an overnight train for about 1400 RUB or 32 SGD one way. The remaining $500 should see you through a week in Russia easily as long as you stick to hostels or cheap hotels.

2. Iran

Picture from Iran Travel Centre

I'll admit this is a bit of a stretch and you'll need a backpackers travelling style to get this done. You wont make it to Tehran on this budget. But Oman Air will get you to Dubai for $468 (return). From Sharjah, It cost $50 for an overnight ferry (one way) to Bandar Abbas. From there, Shiraz and the UNESCO Site, Persepolis is a bus ride away(long ride though)

3. Nepal

Picture from

1k SGD will buy you an experience of a life time in Nepal. Malaysia Airlines (MAS) will fly you to Kathmandu for $500. From Kathmandu, you can take a bus to Pokhara to climb the easiest trek in Nepal, the Poon Hill Trek (picture above). It will take you a few days but you will be rewarded with magnificent views. Best of all, Nepal is cheap enough for your 1k to go pretty far. I've been there twice, I should know.


Picture from

As with the rest of the gulf countries, A return ticket with Oman Air for $468 will get you there. Hotels and food are really expensive there but your remaining $500 should see you through as long as you spend reasonably. Failaka Island with archaeological sites and temples is a $15 ferry ride away. Exploring desert cliffs and old markets should keep you busy.

5. Bahrain

Picture of the "Tree of Life" from

Yes, the same $468 Oman Air deal. Bahrain is popular among travellers for a more authentic "Arab" experience. They have number of interesting sites like buriel grounds, four fortresses, and loads of musumes. If you get bored, just go swim in the sea. Its really hot though!

6. Oman

Picture from

This $468 Oman Air Promo is getting old. This is going to be the last of it. Oman is probably the most interesting of the gulf nations. Blue water and beautiful beaches, rugged mountains, impressive sand dunes, fortresses, waterholes, the list goes on. Being in the gulf, it is expensive yes, but im more worried about running out of time to see the many wonders in Oman than I am about running out of cash.


Picture from

If your wondering why I included Bangladesh in this list and not India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc, its because these countries are common. I'm pretty sure you have more Singaporean friends who have been to Cambodia or India more than those who have been to Bangladesh.

The Rocket Steamer (above) will get you to the Gateway of the Sundarbans (First Class Cabin, USD 32 for TWO), home of the Bengal Tiger. A Bangladesh holiday typically involves wildlife spotting and river rides.

(Tiger Air, Biman, and SIA will get you direct to Dhaka for $400, $450, and $550 respectively)

8. Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste

Picture from

More commonly known as East Timor, this country is particular popular (among "real travellers", not Singaporeans) for trekking and diving. Portuguese fortresses, churches and colonial buildings are all over the island if that's your kind of thing. If you're a coffee lover, you will be pleased to know that Timor Coffee, ranks among the best in the world.


When I say under $1000, i'm basing it on a few factors:

1.Travel period is at most SEVEN days (common among Singaporeans)

2. I AM NOT A BUDGET TRAVELLER. (I don't couchsurf, hitchhike, sleep at train stations etc) BUT, I swear by hostels. So i'm a believer in decent, non extravagent accommodation and travel. Don't book the Hilton and tell me $1000 wasn't enough for seven days.

3. Of the 8 countries, i've only been to Nepal (twice) and I'm doing Bangladesh in December. I have not been to the rest yet and this article is solely based on my research and travel experience.

If you find yourself saying "talk cock, not possible la" I challenge you to put your money where your mouth is, and not be a keyboard warrior; Sponsor me $1000 to do it. If I don't manage to do what I posted, i'll double your money and pay you $2000.

4. Airticket prices I stated are as of 10/10/15. I am not responsible if ticket prices change or you can't find the prices I mentioned due to your incompetence in hunting for cheap fares. Airfares sometimes fluctuate more than the stock market. Also, exercise some commonsense. For example, the $468 Oman Air is obviously not possible in December. It is off peak pricing.

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