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The Best 12 Countries To Shop For A Rolex Or Luxury Timepiece!

January 2, 2016

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10 Travel Destinations You Can Still Afford in 2018 Even With A Bad Year End Bonus

December 9, 2017

Traveling doesn't have to break the bank. In fact, who says traveling can't be "affordable yet comfortable"? Your bank balance looking thin? Didn't get the fat bonus you were expecting? No worries. That doesn't mean you're going to be restricted to sleeping in dormitory's, living on some strangers couch, or surviving on a diet of self made tuna sandwiches. 


Based on destinations we've already traveled to, "The Girl" and I (The Bald Guy) have streamlined our picks and come up with 10 travel destinations affordable enough for the average Singaporean able to afford the latest iPhone or donning the trendiest Hermes fashion accessories. And no, we didn't choose these countries based on their GDP (they have to be fun too!), else it would be a typical listicle like you find in most other travel blogs, with destinations consisting of the usual Southeast Asian countries (Borrrring..... Cambodia again?).


Yes. In these 10 countries, you can afford to go on reasonably priced tours, have a private room all to yourself, dine in restaurants, have a beer or enjoy a desert whenever you please. And most of all, they would be considered exotic; a key criteria on all our articles (and safe).


(In no particular order)


10. Malawi

Consider Visiting: Lake Malawi (Cape Maclear or Salima), Liwonde National Park, Zomba Plateau 


Accommodation: Private Rooms from USD $6 a night.


Cost of Food: Local restaurant $1-2 USD/ Tourist Restaurant $4-7 USD

Try Nsima, a thick maize porridge rolled into something like a maize ball, dipped and eaten with stew. (for Singaporean's, think of the rice cakes we eat with Satay)


Key Activities: Water/Beach activities (Kayaking/Snorkeling/Scuba Diving/Fishing) or Safari game drives. However, the "key thing to do" in Malawi is actually to simply "do nothing at all". Just chill by the lake with a beer or have a game of soccer with the locals.

Most Ideal For: Families, Couples, Friends who want a relaxing vacation being disconnected from the world (Power outages are frequent, WIFI is unstable. No way for your boss to bother you on vacation)


Danger rating: 3/5

(Malawi is known as the "Warm Heart of Africa". Locals are friendly, and it's not particularly dangerous for tourists. It gets a 3/5 because well, Africa is still Africa; even if it's "friendlier Africa")


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9. Bosnia & Herzegovina

Consider Visiting: Mostar (the most touristy part of Bosnia) and Sarajevo (for it's history)


Accommodation: Private Rooms from USD $12 a night.


Cost of Food: Local restaurant $3-4 USD/ Tourist Restaurant $5 USD

Try Cevapi, a sort of minced meat "balkan kebab" accompanied with bread on the side. It's probably the cheapest "meat dish" around and really popular in the Balkans. For a local snack, try Burek, a dough pastry stuffed with meat or potatoes. You might want to share it though; it's really filling for a "snack".


Key Activities: Explore the old towns, visit museums (lots of war museums, memorials) cemeteries, fortresses, pay a local to jump off a bridge (in Mostar), and gawk at the bullet hole riddled buildings. Bosnia is perhaps the only country where bullet riddled buildings are actually an attraction in itself.

Most Ideal For: History/war geeks, cash strapped backpackers, and Singaporeans who are bored with "Touristy Europe" and want to experience a safe "Eastern European" country for a change.


Danger rating: 2/5

(Bosnia is one of the safer countries in Eastern Europe but be careful when self driving. Not all the landmines have been cleared so don't veer off the usual roads. Oh and don't wander into those bullet hole riddled abandoned buildings as well)


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8. Ukraine

Consider Visiting: Kiev (one of the most impressive capital cities in the world), Lviv (arguably Ukraine's prettiest city), Odessa (the black sea), Chernobyl (this is a must go!)


Accommodation: Private Rooms from USD $9 a night.


Cost of Food: Local restaurant $2 USD/ Tourist Restaurant $3-5 USD

Try Varenyky  (dumplings stuffed with potato/cheese/vegetables), Deruny (potato pancakes) and fill your belly with piping hot Borshch (red beet meat) soup.


Key Activities: Ukraine is home to some of Europe's finest cathedrals. The streets in major cities like Kiev and Lviv are beautiful and perfect for people watching or cafe hoping. Military tours are especially unique to the region. Fire a Kashnikov, explore missile silos used during the cold war, and even drive a soviet tank!


Of course, a tour to the Chernobyl Nuclear reactor and its surrounding "ghost town" is an absolute must! At night, visit the opera theater or soak up the atmosphere by going to a stadium to catch a Ukrainian football match.

Most Ideal For: History/military geeks, cash strapped backpackers, couples, people who want a "soviet like" experience without the hassle and cost of applying for a Russian visa. Oh, and lonely men looking to score a Ukrainian wife (Ukrainian women are perhaps among the most beautiful I've come a cross in the whole of Europe).


Danger rating: 3/5

(The main "touristy" cities like Kiev, Lviv and Odessa are really safe. Even Chernobyl is safe to visit as long as you're on a tour. The dangerous parts are the Crimea or Donetsk region which tourists avoid anyway. Unfortunately, the situation in those cities push up the "danger rating" of the country as a whole)


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7. Morocco

Consider Visiting: Marrakesh (most touristy part of Morocco), Fez (the medical capital), Chefchaouen (the "Santorini of Africa"),  Essaouira (the ancient seaside town), Agadir (for it's beaches)


Accommodation: Private Rooms from USD $15 a night in a Riad (when in Morocco, you MUST stay in a Riad).


Cost of Food: Local restaurant $2 USD/ Tourist Restaurant $4-6 USD

Try Couscous, a sort of "rice like" dish mixed with meat and vegetables. We preferred Tagine though, a sort of clay-pot spicy meat stew tasted absolutely divine when eaten with bread.


Key Activities: Get yourself well and truly lost in the souks (bazaar) of Marrakesh before finally arriving in the main square Jamaa el Fnaa; the "icon" of Marrakesh. The smell of street food fills the air as you indulge in the experience of watching magicians and snake charmers ply their trade. Marrakesh is possibly one of the best places in the world to "people watch" over a cup of Moroccan Mint Tea. Unwind with a relaxing scrub in the many Hamman's (steam-bath) about the city.

Key Activities (continued): The ancient city of Fez is also a sight to behold. If you've watched "The Amazing Race", you'd have noticed one of Fez's key attractions; the Tanneries (really smelly though). What you really have to do though, is sign up for a "Sahara Tour". You'll get to spend the night in a luxury Desert Camp, and sleep with the stars as your roof. This is perhaps one of the most memorable experiences "The Girl" & I will always remember. 


Most Ideal For: People who are sick of Europe, want to experience Africa but in a subtle way.  Morocco has enough European influences for a typical Singaporean to feel "comfortable" while opening the door to an African experience at the same time. This is a country for everyone. The backpacker, the die hard Luxury Traveler, the history geek, families, adventurers. Every should and MUST visit Morocco.


Danger rating: 3/5

(Touts can be aggressive at times, and single women will probably get catcalled; perhaps some minimal harassment. Taxi drivers drop you off at wrong destinations and demand for higher fees and even the children give you wrong directions to get you lost on purpose so you'll have no choice but pay them to find your way out again. Still, these minor annoyances can be solved with a "sporting attitude" and a little money. Overlook these "minor annoyances" and you'll find Morocco one of earth's most fascinating and enjoyable destinations.)


6. Georgia

Consider Visiting: Tbilisi (the capital), Batumi (black sea), Kutaisi (home to a couple of UNESCO sites), Kazbegi, and Svaneti (the mountainous part of the country).


Accommodation: Private Rooms from USD $8 a night


Cost of Food: Local restaurant $1-2 USD/ Tourist Restaurant $3-5 USD

Georgia is known as the "birthpla