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January 2, 2016

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A Girl's Solo Trip. 10 Days in Kyoto, Osaka & Tokyo @$1.2k Nett! (Including AirTickets)

October 31, 2015

"Okay, so you're finally going to go on a solo trip. Check your email, there's your airticket."


I was like "What!? Are you serious?" And yes, it was true. 


"The Bald Guy" had been pestering me to take a solo trip for a while now. I mean yes, I love travelling. But alone? I wasn't sure how I'd like it. Like most Singaporeans, I had this nagging feeling that it might be boring or dangerous. But with the tickets booked, and with all expenses paid (provided I didn't excceed 900 SGD in spending money), plus Japan being a relatively safe country, I agreed. 


This post is written from "The Girl's" perspective. So, unlike previous posts, "I" refers to "The Girl" and NOT "The Bald Guy". However, the person writing this is still the "The Bald Guy", so if anyone is offended by my blunt style of writing, don't be pissed off at "The Girl"


The "Bald Guy" suggusts reading Here's Why Singaporeans Can't Afford A Holiday Every 3 Months to grasp the mindsets needed to understand how "The Girl" managed to travel Japan COMFORTABLY on such a budget.



Cities Travelled


1. Osaka


2. Kyoto 


3. Tokyo 


Airtickets/ Getting There/ Transport: 650 SGD



Scoot, SIN-Narita Return, SGD 280

(There was a UOB credit card promotion at that time, thus the cheap $280. Because there are usually credit card promotions of some sort, it shouldn't be difficult to find a return ticket to Tokyo between 450-500 SGD )



JR Pass 7 days, (28,300JPY) SGD 310


The JR Pass settles your transport for 7 days including the Shinkansen for Tokyo - Kyoto -  Osaka - Tokyo and transport within the Tokyo subway also to JR Nara Station, BUT NOT for travelling within Kyoto/ Osaka.


Miscellaneous Public Transport, SGD 60


For travelling within the individual cities (those not covered by JR), it's advisable to buy a DayTrip Pass (around 500JPY each) for unlimited rides unless your route is well planned out. (But whats the point of being so rigid? There's no fun travelling this way)


Getting There:

Well, getting to Tokyo is pretty straightfoward, so I won't have to eleborate on that. From Narita Airport, there are trains going to Kyoto & Osaka. You'll have to first take the train to JR Tokyo Station and change to the Shinkansen there though.



Food, Drink & "Happy Spending":233 SGD

(No, I didn't live on a diet of onigiri and cupnoodles)

This is one reason you should stay in hostels. Not only do you make friends, chances are they are on a budget too and wouldn't mind sharing the cost of more expensive items like Yakitori. After all, how many sticks can you possibly eat on your own?


"Wah, you going Japan? Expensive leh. How much you spending?" I can't tell you how many times i've heard that statement.


To be honest, Japan probably isn't the cheapest place, but expensive? Well, it's probably because you either can't be bothered to search for a cheaper restaurant, or you're a typical Singaporean who eats according to "recommendations" by food bloggers or because "so & so" said so.


Have you read "12 Days In Finland & The Baltics Under 2.5k SGD Nett!!"

Japanese Restaurant in Ikebukuro, a suupposedly cheaper part of Tokyo. The truth is, you can find Ramen for 500-650JPY EVEN in Shinjuku or Ginza.


I love my sashimi's, sushi's and yakitori's as much as the next Singaporean girl. But surely there isn't a need to have them for EVERY SINGLE MEAL? Just in case the picture (Above) is too small, you can find Soba for AS LOW AS 280JPY(3.1 SGD), Ramen or Don's as low as 450 JPY(5 SGD)

It cost me 50JPY (0.55SGD) for each Tamago, and 100JPY (1.10SGD) for an Ebi Sushi. I can't remember the exact prices for every dish, but yeah, you get the idea. 

When dining in Japan, all I did was follow these "Two Rules".


Rule 1.

I'm here to experience and enjoy EACH type of authentic Japanese cuisine, My parents aren't millionaires, and neither do I earn 10k a month, thus I DO NOT DESERVE to eat expensive food for EVERY SINGLE MEAL.


Rule 2.

Affordable restaurants are everywhere. Probably just 10 minutes walk away from a tourist trap. If in doubt, OPEN YOUR MOUTH and ask a local. If he/she does not understand, move on to another person and ASK AGAIN. 

I know what you're going to say. "Those cheap food is the plain and boring kind, thats why so cheap. Like that where got enjoy?"


This (Above) cost me 475JPY (5.30 SGD), at an eatery in Tokyo. Who says less than 600JPY got no meat? Mine has Ebi Tempura somemore!

See, I don't starve myself to save money. I can afford snacks too. (example of "Happy Spending")


Before I move on to the next part on attractions, let me re-emphasize for the last time there is good, authentic and delicious Japanese food at the cost of what we would pay at a coffeeshop or foodcourt back in Singapore.


(You may also want to read "Impossible! 800 SGD? For 19 Days In Europe?")

250JPY. Lunch is settled! Lucky i'm a girl, small was enough for me:)

Okay, so the last example wasn't a great illustration. This was in one of the really local (Singaporean tourists wouldn't go) places. But yeah, you get my point. Even in Tokyo, it is possible to eat COMFORTABLY in restaurants at Singapore food court prices or less!  


And just so it's clear, I got to experience and ENJOY a huge variety of Japanese cuisine this way. Also, to save money on breakfast, hunt for hostels that "Include Breakfast" as part of the room cost. For those that don't, there is usually a "Family Mart" nearby where you can get tasty Onigiri for less 1.50 SGD!


You think blogs tell you where the most delicious food is? Wrong. Locals tell you where the most delicious food is. "The Famous Chatterbox Chicken Rice" at Mandarin Hotel happen to be your favourite chicken rice? I dont know about you, but i've tasted better for $2.50 in coffeeshops.




Nara Park, one of my favourite places! I love the deer!


I won't go as much into attractions as I usually do becau