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5 Exotic Travel Destinations For Singaporeans Under $1,500 Nett!!

It apparently generated quite a bit of response (FB messages and emails). Some people said my writing style was "too in your face", others said those countries were really dangerous to visit (typical Singaporean misconception) But generally, most thought it was an eye opener to know that one could visit Russia under $1,000 comfortably, and they also wouldn't mind visiting Nepal.

So this time, I thought I would come up with another post, more "Socially Acceptable" (4 out of 5 of them should be welcoming enough; yes, even to Singaporeans) At $1,500, they cost perhaps more than say Taiwan, but still, more interesting and a lot cheaper than trip to Korea or Japan.

1. Republic of Seychelles

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For the benefit of Singaporeans whose only vision of paradise is the Maldives, (honeymoon favourite for Singaporeans) The Seychelles is a country in East Africa. Together with Mauritius, they are among the most expensive African countries to visit. Fortunately, they have a "large number of self catering bungalows" where you can cook your own food and free up cash for cold beers or ice-creams to join you on the beach.

Srilankan Airlines offers return flights at 753 SGD. You have another 750 SGD to last you a week. If you can't make do with that; congratulations, you're the perfect example of a pampered Singaporean

2. South Africa

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You'd better believe it. I just got back from there. Now, this budget isn't going to get you to Cape Town, but Qatar Airways will get you to Johannesburg from 1053 SGD (that was my ticket price).

Once you're there, you'll have two options. Either spend more and make your way to the world renowed Kurger National Park and travel like a backpacker, OR settle for one of the lesser known National parks near Johannesburg and live like a Lord (for a King you need a little more). Yes, thats right, 450 SGD to spend on hostels, delicious meals, park entry fees and and game drives will be sufficient.

3. Morocco

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Morocco is probably one of the most memorable countries I have travelled to. It offers an experience so amazing I shall not type further because this short space won't do it any justice. (refer to my posts on Morocco for more information)

I flew by Lufthansa to Marrakech for $1050. Your $450 will make you a king for a week, maybe even two if you stick to a backpackers budget.

4. Mongolia

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When Singaporeans think of Mongolia, vast grasslands and "huts" (known as Gers) come to mind. When travellers think of Mongolia, one of the must see sights would be the Khovsgol Province and the great lake that is a signature of Mongolia. Depending on your travelling style, an all in budget of $1,500 might or might not get you to Khovsgol.

However, what it WILL get you is probably one of the most memorable experiences your travel life. A return airticket to Beijing either by Air Asia or MAS will cost you between 450-500 depending on the date of travel. From Beijing, take the Trans Mongolian Railway (it eventually links up with the Trans Siberian) to Ulaanbator, the capital of Mongolia.

The good news is, if your looking for the trademark touristy horseback riding in the grasslands, hunting, and sleeping in a Mongolian Ger, you don't have to go all the way to Khovsgol to do it. Ulaanbator is huge enough to give you that experience. From Ulaanbator, Catch a direct flight (around 200+ SGD) to Bejing for your flight home.

5. Pakistan

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This would probably be the most unpopular destination on the list. I'm sure it's not the safest place to travel, but hey, if they have a High Commission in Singapore it can't be that bad. (Iraq, Somalia, Afganistan don't have one here) I'm kidding, really, but i'd love to go for the experience and the beautiful landscape.

Grab a budget airline to Bangkok. ($100 promotions happen often enough) Then, Sri Lankan Airlines will get you to Karachi in the low $500s. Once there, beautiful valleys & lakes, mountains and archaelogical wonders lie at your feet. (you can even fly to Islamabad on Air Blue in the mid $200s if you wish.) And if you don't mind spending a little more, hire an armed local to show you around.


When I say under $1,500, i'm basing it on a few factors:

1.Travel period is at most SEVEN days (common among Singaporeans)

2. I AM NOT A BUDGET TRAVELLER. (I don't couchsurf, hitchhike, sleep at train stations etc) BUT, I swear by hostels. So i'm a believer in decent, non extravagent accommodation and travel. Don't book the Hilton and tell me $1,500 wasn't enough for seven days.

3. Of the 5 countries, i've only been to Morocco and South Africa. I have not been to the rest yet and this article is solely based on my research and travel experience.

If you find yourself saying "talk cock, not possible la" I challenge you to put your money where your mouth is, and not be a keyboard warrior; Sponsor me $1000 to do it. If I don't manage to do what I posted, i'll double your money and pay you $2000.

4. Airticket prices I stated are as of 12/10/15. I am not responsible if ticket prices change or you can't find the prices I mentioned due to your incompetence in hunting for cheap fares. Airfares sometimes fluctuate more than the stock market. Also, exercise some commonsense. The prices stated is obviously not possible in December. It is off peak pricing based on booking TWO MONTHS before the actual date. Neither too early nor at a short notice.

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