In Singapore, where I come from, “Annual Leave” (AL) is a precious “commodity”.

Some people “sell it” (better money than time off), others “burn it away” (too busy to take leave), but a good many of us use it for vacations. After all, Singaporeans are supposedly some of the most traveled people in t...

As I write this post, I am back in Singapore. A swab test (tested negative, phew...) and a mandatory 14 day SHN (Stay Home Notice) later, I am now stuck at home again; working from home to be precise. Now, we are 1 month into our country's approximately 2 month "Circuit Breaker", which is basically...

Phew, it’s tough getting used to this.

For me, for you, for a whole lot of us whose highlight of the year revolved around that one or two vacations we could take.

As you know, “The Girl” and I used to travel four times a year, and now everything has come to complete standstill. Airports are closed,...

Do not travel.

I repeat, do not travel.

We’ve heard a lot about how it is socially responsible not to travel and risk spreading the highly contagious Corona-virus any faster and further than it has already spread. Yes, an obligation to social responsibility is must, but for the more “carefree” and dev...

Exactly how many countries are there in Europe?

Some sources say Europe is made up of 44 countries. Other sources put that number at 51.

But whatever the number is, being home to that many countries surely means that every day in Europe is an adventure on its own.

Oh, and so we are clear, this isn’t...

I can’t believe it.

I, am actually vacationing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Since forever, the only people permitted to enter this unknown desert “Kingdom” have been business travelers, Muslims on their pilgrimage, visitors attending the odd event, and domestic workers that the rich Saudi’s...

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