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January 2, 2016

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10 Exotic Capital Cities You Must Visit in 2018 Before The Crowds Start Coming!

December 16, 2017

Capitals are usually among the worst cities in any particular country to visit.


Would you prefer a vacation in the Australian capital of Canberra; or rather live it up in Cairns? And surely you wouldn't choose the American capital of Washington over the glitz of Las Vegas?


I know, some of you typical Singaporeans are going say, "Paris and Rome are both capitals, they draw millions of tourists a year and some of earth's greatest wonders can be found there!" Yeah, beautiful cities no doubt, but hidden beneath that facade, are unfriendliness and streets plagued with an unprecedented increase in crime. Even the "supposedly beautiful" Eastern European capitals like Prague or Budapest have been swarmed by hordes of ill-bred tourists; leading to ridiculous markups in prices (Just try taking a taxi in Istanbul), the encouragement of touts, and unethical practices throughout the country, all for the sake of earning the "tourist dollar".


Where then, are the remaining capitals of the world? Those yet to be tainted by the tourist hordes, where costs are still relatively affordable, and are actually beautiful or at least interesting in some way?


(Note: The capital cities of  Capetown, Cairo, Istanbul, Prague, Budapest, Moscow, Athens, Lisbon, Riga, Tallinn are all NOT in the list because they have already been invaded by hordes of tourists (many of them Singaporeans) and are no longer considered "exotic". As for those who are exclaiming "why isn't my countries capital in your list? It should be there!" Well, its probably because we haven't visited it before (like the whole region of South and Central America), so I really shouldn't blog about places I haven't been to. Either that or well, your country's capital is just boring)


10. Maputo, Mozambique

Accommodation: Private Rooms from USD $30 a night.


Cost of Food: Local restaurant $1-3 USD/ Tourist Restaurant $7-50 USD

Mozambican food is among the most interesting of African cuisines; think Africa with a touch of Portuguese flair. Try Prawns and Chicken in Piri Piri sauce (African chilli), some of the world's freshest and cheapest seafood (as cheap as seafood can get), and Pãozinho, a Portuguese bread roll with meat in the center. 


Key Activities: Scuba dive, stroll along white sand beaches, go for boat trips or island hop the beautiful Inhaca & Portuguese Islands. Explore the "South American like" streets, check out Africa's most impressive railway station, do some live seafood shopping (choose your own seafood and watch it cooked live in front of you), or simply chill at one of the upmarket bars/hotels to enjoy a great view of the Mozambican sun set over the sea.

Most Ideal For: Couples on Honeymoon, Foodies (Mozambican Cuisine is fabulous), Beach Bums, Backpackers with a larger budget, and basically anyone who wants to experience a South American vibe without actually visiting South America (think Netflix's Narcos).


Danger rating: 4/5

(For most countries, capital cities tend to be at the center of crime; this is even more apparent in African capitals. Taxi drivers are swindlers and policemen are often corrupt. There are streets which you should avoid at night, and streets which you should avoid altogether even in daylight. That said, the "danger vibe" in this city is part of the "Narcos" experience. Just accept it and enjoy the city for what it is)



9. Minsk, Belarus

Accommodation: Private Rooms from USD $20 a night.


Cost of Food: Local restaurant $1-2 USD/ Tourist Restaurant $3-8 USD

Pork, potatoes, bread; that's Belarusian cuisine for you.

Try potato pancakes, potato pudding, potato pies, and potato salads. Basically a twist on anything potato related. Pork is the "local favorite" where meat is concerned. But best of all, food, even meat dishes, are ridiculously cheap.


Key Activities: The key highlight of Minsk is experiencing the "Soviet way of life" and perhaps paying to ride a WWII soviet tank. Minsk is perhaps more "Soviet" than even Moscow should be. This is a city trapped in its soviet past; its streets lined with Soviet monuments, soviet propaganda, communist era mega structures, and buildings so huge they wont fit into your frame when you try to snap a photo.


Be amazed at these monuments, take a ride in soviet subway, buried almost a 100 meters underground, and simply the overall vibe of seeing ultra futuristic buildings in the midst of communist styled ones should prove to be an eye opener.

Most Ideal For: History buffs, Men with a military/War fetish, and Singaporeans who want to experience the "Soviet Union" but can't afford the overpriced Russian visa.


Danger rating: 2/5

(Minsk is one of the safest capitals in the world with a strong police presence about the city. It's cleaner than Singapore, and has almost no beggars or even drunkards; and definitely safer than Paris by a mile. There is so much law and order that the locals wait at traffic lights even when there are no car's in sight! The only person "jaywalking" was me!)



8. Baku, Azerbaijan

Accommodation: Private Rooms from USD $10 a night.


Cost of Food: Local restaurant $5-6 USD/ Tourist Restaurant $8- 12 USD

Bread or Rice, with a variety of toppings (eggplant/olives) with meatballs are the staple of Azerbaijan cuisine. In the capital of Baku however, it's common to see Georgian or Turkish food (think Khachapuri and Kebabs), or even Asian food.

Key Activities: Go on a boat tour for a view of Baku by sea, and in the evening, ride the funicular up the hill for a magnificent view of Baku's sunset. Sign up for a cheap day tour to visit fascinating attractions near Baku like the James Bond Oilfields (The World Is Not Enough), Fire temples, and Gobustan, for rock art and Mud Volcanoes. At night, catch a performance at the Opera Theater and visit the Hamam's (public baths).


The Sci-Fi architecture in Baku (The Flame Towers for instance) is a real eye opener as well. Like the other former soviet states, the deep underground subways also prove to be an interesting experience.


Most Ideal For: History buffs, Families even with young children, Couples on Honeymoon, and Singaporeans "sick of touristy Europe" (if that day ever comes)


Danger rating: 2/5

(Baku is really safe. You're more likely to be hit by a careless driver than being robbed in this city))



7. Sarajevo, Bosnia

Accommodation: Private Rooms from USD $14 a night.


Cost of Food: Local restaurant $3-4 USD/ Tourist Restaurant $5 USD

Try Cevapi, a sort of minced meat "balkan kebab" accompanied with bread on the side. It's probably the cheapest "meat dish" around and really popular in the Balkans. For a local snack, try Burek, a dough pastry stuffed with meat or potatoes. You might want to share it though; it's really filling for a "snack".

Key Activities: Explore the old towns, visit museums (lots of war museums, memorials) cemeteries, and gawk at the bullet hole riddled buildings. Bosnia is perhaps the only country where bullet riddled buildings are actually an attraction in itself.


Most Ideal For: History/War geeks, Cash strapped backpackers, and nervous travel shy Singaporeans seeking their virgin Eastern European experience


Danger rating: 3/5

(Bosnia is one of the safer countries in Eastern Europe but the capital of Sarajevo could be complicated. Begging syndicates, pickpockets, and rowdy locals are pretty common. Additionally, be careful when self driving. Not all the landmines have been cleared so don't veer off the usual roads. Oh and don't wander into those bullet hole riddled abandoned buildings as well )



6. Skopje, Macedonia

Accommodation: Private Rooms from USD $10 a night


Cost of Food: Local restaurant $2-3 USD/ Tourist Restaurant $4-8 USD

Macedonian cuisine is similar to that of the Balkans. Try Skara (grilled meat), shopska salad, and tarator, a sort of cold soup