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January 2, 2016

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11 Days Luxury Travel In Africa @2k SGD Nett! (Including Airtickets)

October 17, 2015

Because most people who read my blog tend to have the impression that i'm a budget traveller (which i'm not), let's all try to agree on one thing first; the "Parameters" of which I consider to be "Luxury Travel".  

1. 95% of my meals and tea-breaks were in Restaurants (And I mean "REAL" restaurants by Typical Singaporean Standards) and I had never really had to look at the prices on the menu before I bought anything.


2. NO couchsurfing, NO sleeping under bridges, and any other silly thing you can think off. All the accomodation I stayed in had at least a CLEAN attached bathroom, CLEAN sheets, and "room service".


3. I hired guides when I needed to, paid to go on day tours when necessary, and "didn't save" on activities.


Countries Travelled:

1. Lesotho


2. Swaziland


Airtickets/Getting There/Transport:$1,360


Airfare: $1,053
Qatar Airways,Multi-City, SIN-Johannesburg Return, SGD 1,053 


Overland Transport: $307
Coach to Lesotho 800 ZAR (SGD 83)
Luxury Bus to Swaziland 1150 ZAR (SGD 120)


Personal Mercedes Benz from Maseru - Semonkong - Maseru (Lesotho) 1000 LSL (SGD 104)

Getting There:

There is no direct bus from Lesotho to Swaziland.
To get to Lesotho, I took the local bus from Johannesburg (South Africa) to Bloemfontein, and paid for a minibus to Maseru. (Returned the same way)

For Swaziland, I bought a return ticket with Transmagnific, departing and returning from/to Johannesburg. It is a luxury bus which provides Wifi, light snacks, drinks, newspapers & magazines. Yes, it also picks you straight from Johannesburg Airport. No hassle here.



Accommodation: $141

 Picture from Semonkong Lodge themselves 


Semonkong Lodge is the probably the most high end accommodation in Lesotho. Nestled high up in the mountains, its the perfect place to arrange all the tours and activities you need in Lesotho. Because I was here for 4 days, I was able to try most of the activities (except the abseiling which was too scary for me). 

Pictures from Semonkong Lodge themselves 


They cater to all kinds of travellers, rich or poor. Rooms can cost as low as 19 SGD a night for a dorm, to 60 SGD a night for a honeymoon standard of room. 

 ​The Bar and Restaurant in Semonkong Lodge. I met alot of travellers here. Who says travelling alone has to be boring?

The horses came right to my door step every day!


In Swaziland, I stayed at Sondzela Backpackers and Sundowner Backpackers. Sondzela is right inside the game reserve. It was really cool to have animals wandering up to me as I lazed by the pool with a book in hand.

Sondzela Backpackers. It costs 12 SGD a night. See the glass window on the left side of the roof? That's exactly where my room was.

The perfect place to read a book or have a swim. From the pool I had a beautiful view of the game reserve.

Sundowner Backpackers cost 13 SGD a night. They had a very good restaurant. The best steak sandwhich I ever had in my life was right here. And it cost just 3 SGD!

The quality of accommodation in Lesotho and Swaziland were a lot better than I thought they would be. Even the typical pampered Singaporean should find these more than liveable. The only gripe I had with African accommodation is on the number of charging points. I had to charge my handphone in the restaurant because there weren't enough charging points! But at this kind of pricing, whats not to like? 


Local Tours & Attractions $255

The other name for Lesotho is "The Kingdom In The Sky". With a minimum altitude of 1400m, it has the highest lowest point of any country in the world. Naturally, this makes trekking an instant highlight. 

Of course, you could pay 4o SGD for a Horse Riding Tour in the mountains. It was a whole lot more fun than I thought it would be. (Though I must admit being on a horse at the edge of the cliff isn't exactly what I signed up for) 

 The scenery you can expect is more than just mountainous. If I ever had a "Zen" moment, this was it. Sometimes, sitting in solitude in the middle of the grass with mountains surrounding you is what travelling is about. Not about shopping and taking selfies at "Iconic" touristy locations to prove you've been there.

Besides strenuous activities like trekking and horse riding, you can also relax by the river and do "fly fishing" for 15 SGD. When you've caught all the fish you can eat, hand it over to the Chef and that will be your evening's dinner. 

 ​One of the staff at Semonkong Lodge demonstrating Fly Fishing (Pic from their website)


Perhaps by now, you might be wondering, why on earth did this Bald Guy choose Lesotho as his travel destination? Why not South Africa like everyone else? The answer to that? The Maletsunyane Falls. (Below)

 This is arguably the Number 1 attraction in Lesotho; to see (or Abseil down) this magnificent waterfall. Singaporeans can keep their "Eiffel Tower" selfies to themselves. For what must have been at least 30mins, I just sat on a rock and had my packed lunch, trying to take in the view in front of me. 

Swaziland marks my first ever "Game Reserve Experience." To be honest, I spent most of my time in the Swazi's "Big Game Parks". In Singapore, whenever people talk about Game Reserves, they always talk about the ones in Kenya and Tanzania. Granted, those are probably a better standard of "Park" than what you can get in Swaziland, but for my "first taste" of Game Parks, this was good enough. 

Entering the Wildlife Sanctuary

This was the closest I could get to any animal before they would start running off.