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Singaporeans Abroad - African Adventure Series (1.3) Chefchaouen - Africa's Answer To Santorini

We all know Santorini; that beautiful greek island decked out in blue and white buildings, the stuff of dreams for many a couple planning their honeymoon.

Enter Chefchaouen, another city covered in blue; the absence of tourists giving it a more raw vibe. This isn't how Africa is supposed to look like.

Well, very few places in the world are like Morocco; and even fewer, are like Chefchaouen. While it does get its fair share of visiters (mostly Europeans), it has yet to be contaminated by hordes of tourists they way Santorini has become.

This is a maze of a city, painted in white and blue. Part of the charm of this place is to just keep wandering around the blue alleys, not knowing where you will end up next.

(Above) Alleys look the same everywhere. Chefchaouen is a huge blue & white maze.

Unlike the touristy Marrakech, there are no signs and no one "volunteering" to give you directions. There are however, plenty of locals trying to sell you a handful of "weed" at around 10 euros. (locals grow it in the hills behind the city, thus the affordable price)

The "Blue City" is a perfect place for photographs though....

Perhaps someday, when Singaporeans ARE BITTEN by the travel bug (now they've caught a case of ImASheep syndrome), Chefchaouen might be a unique wedding photo location. I can only imagine; "Wah, so nice. Next time my wedding I also want to take here." That's probably how Santorini got ruined.

Prices for hostels are as low as 4 euros a night if you wish to sleep in a rooftop tent; and restaurants cost around 3 euros for a main dish.

(Below) This is NOT a restaurant. It's a local eatery just outside the main Medina of Chefchaouen. Dinner cost the both of us a grand total of 1.70 Euros!

Chefchaouen is a nice quiet city perfect for a short couple of nights stay before moving on to your next destination. It is certainly a refreshing change from the crowds and touts in almost every other Moroccan city.

(Above) Nice to come out at night and try local street food without being harrased.

(Below) Should we try the fruits? They seem popular.....

If anyone is planning to come to Morocco, I would highly recommend this amazing city. A African version of "Santorini" only less touristy (and way easier on your wallet).

Our Polish travel buddies

By now, it was time to say good bye to our Polish friends. We were back on our own again.

Next stop, Tangier; the gateway from Africa to Europe by ferry.

(Above) Our ride to Spain behind me

(Above) The girl waiting to board the ferry to Tarifa, Spain.

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