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Phew, it’s tough getting used to this.

For me, for you, for a whole lot of us whose highlight of the year revolved around that one or two vacations we could take.

As you know, “The Girl” and I used to travel four times a year, and now everything has come to complete standstill. Airports are closed,...

November 30, 2019

As a student, you had to watch in envy as your schoolmates with rich daddy’s sent them globetrotting across Europe for their “Grad-Trip”.

As a working adult today, cash still seems tight. Whatever salary comes in seems to go out just as fast. After-all, keeping up appearances, trying to look like yo...

I still remember our first time to Africa. Our friends and family were like; 

 "Is it going to be safe?" "What's there besides wild animals, and tribesmen?"

And I must admit, I too bought into the myth, the stereotypical African impression of poverty, war, and the dangers that awaited any foolish trav...

"Itineraries, tough to plan, restrictive, but sometimes, you just need one."

Many people I know say they wouldn't mind experiencing an exotic destination once in their lives. But it's hard to get started they say, simply  because they just don't know where to begin.

We have a pretty easy going style...

February 10, 2019

"Chey. Eastern Europe lah. I was thinking what big secret you talking about."

But no, Yugoslavia isn't Eastern Europe. What is Eastern Europe anyway?

As far as Europe is concerned, almost everyone we know refers to any European country they aren't too familiar with, as "Eastern Europe".

The Czech Re...

O - What???


What was that again? Oman? Where's that?

And why would you suggest such a destination for a road trip? People bring their family on road trips you know? Why don't you recommend New Zealand as a self drive destination instead???

Our 1L rental Suzuki made it up the Omani mountains.


As we come to the end of each year, the "globetrotter/wanderlust-er" in all of us starts to put thoughts in our head.

"Where to next year?"

"When would be a good time to visit?"

In the past decade, we've seen travel destinations no one ever bothered about previously suddenly become popular. Destinati...

September 8, 2018

Ask any Singaporean on his or her preference of their ideal vacation destination, and chances are, that destination would probably be Europe. And ask them how much they "think" they would need to set aside for that particular European holiday, and you can be sure they'd quote a figure anywhere betwe...

Now, "The Girl" and I don't usually make time for media events; but when Cathay Pacific offered us the chance to check out their newest lounge @ Changi Airport Terminal 4 before the airport officially opened, we thought, "why not?"

Cathay Pacific is one of the worlds top airlines and by far the high...

I know, I know. A Girl & A Bald Traveller is supposed to be a travel blog. You folks are following our blog to read on exotic travel destinations, not wedding packages.

Still, do bear with us as we sidetrack for this one article, as we'd really like to share the "scams" we came across from both...

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